Retired Kindergarten Teacher Surprised By Last Class Of Graduating Students In Heartwarming Video

A retired kindergarten teacher got a wonderful surprise when she reunited with her last class of graduating students.

“My mom, Jane Pearson, who taught Kindergarten for 38 years at the same school and in the same classroom retired 13 years ago,” writes Pearson’s daughter. “This is the 50th anniversary of the school and she was there for the first year of its opening. A student from the graduating class of 2022 (which was her last kindergarten class) contacted me because she wanted to get a group of former students together to surprise her.”

The students wanted Pearson’s daughter to make sure she would be there and video it, which she did and it was a heartwarming moment.

Pearson is so touched by the gesture.

Her daughter added, “My mom’s passion was her career and her job was everything to her. I spent years of my childhood on evenings and weekends with her at the school prepping so everything was perfect. She made special memory books for each child that she bound and presented at the end of the year to each student. She truly was a one of a kind teacher. She deserves this recognition. These students made her day as you can see in this genuine and heartwarming video.”

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