Kind Rescuers Save Dog Left at a Donation Bin with her Stuffed Toys

Samantha is a dog rescuer in Houston, Texas. She often finds and rescues abandoned dogs in the city, but seeing this small dog cuddling with her plush toy cow after being abandoned by a donation bin touched her heart.

She shared the emotional video of the dog’s rescue on social media, posting a photo of the dog with her stuffie on Instagram, “”Another discarded dog. A plea put out at 10pm of a small girl left at a donation bin with her stuffies.”

Samantha and some fellow rescuers put out a cage out to catch “Gracie” and the little dog soon entered it and was caught. When Samantha first approached Gracie in the cage she could see the little dog had been through a lot.  “She is itching nonstop from a skin infection,” Samantha wrote. “Probably from fleas.” She added, “The suffering in Houston is never ending. PS. She is safe.”

Watch Gracie’s rescue video below:

@streetlifetothesweetlifeWe weren’t going to leave her stuffed cow behind 🥹💔♬ Golden Hour: Piano Version – Andy Morris

Gracie is now in safe hands and her plushies are too. Although Samantha doesn’t know if the stuffies are actually Gracie’s, she thought it best to bring Gracie’s stuffed cow along, “There was no way we were going to leave her stuffed cow,” she wrote on TikTok.

But the gentleman who grabbed Gracie’s stuffed cow thought it best to not leave any of her stuffies behind because “she’s had a hard life.” (The plushies will get a wash and be reunited with Gracie while she recovers.)

Upon posting the video, one commenter asked Samantha, “OMG thank you. She knew she needed help. Is this baby OK?”

Samantha replied that Gracie is recovering and “she is resting a lot and eating well.”

To support Samantha and dogs the dogs she rescues visit the Street Life To The Sweet Life website.


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