Rescuers Notice Something Special About Pittie Puppy Spinning In Circles

Miss Violet would get herself in the most precarious places and they’d have to come and rescue her. But it wasn’t always so easy for Miss Violet to get into mischief.

Miss Violet was rescued with her littermates and mother after they had been dumped at the pound. The Farm Rescue and Rehab took the dog family home and that’s when they noticed Miss Violet spinning in circles. They realized she had poor vision, was deaf and had neurological problems. But they would also learn she had the most determined personality.

Luke, his family and the Farm Rescue and Rehab team took Miss Violet under the wing. She worked so hard that she needed extra naps and would keep falling asleep mid-playing. Soon, she became one of the fastest dogs on the farm!

Miss Violet exceeded all expectations and it along the way Luke and his family realized the best place for Miss Violet was with them on the farm!

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