Rescuer Approaches Friendly Stray Dog When He Suddenly Realizes He Has Made A Big Mistake

A stray dog who proved difficult to catch is now looking forward to celebrating Christmas with his adopted family. When Danny with SafeFurr Rescue first spotted Westly, the dog did exactly what any dog rescuer could hope for.

The Pit Bull was calm and friendly and came right up to Danny to be petted and take food from his hand. Everything was going according to plan until Danny pulled out a leash. The moment the dog saw it, he ran away. Danny tried to leash Westly again, but he immediately realized he had made the biggest mistake with the stray.

The moment Danny had successfully looped the leash over Westly’s head, the dog panicked, pulled away and managed to slip off the lead and run away.

Danny was devastated. After the leash, Westly wouldn’t let Danny near him and Danny worried about Westly’s safety. He needed to call in reinforcements for help. That’s when Sheila, who would end up fostering Westly, came out to help and quickly won Westly’s trust.

Shortly after, Westly was home with Sheila and learning how to tolerate a leash. Both she and Danny hoped to find Westly a home for Christmas and their wish came true!

Michaela and her family adopted Westly just before the holidays and it turned out to be way more adventurous and fun than they expected. Westly still needs a bit of a “security blanket” his mom says, but his friendship with their other dog, Izzy, has helped his confidence and happiness. Westly’s family says he has come a long way and they can’t wait to celebrate another Christmas with him.

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