Rescued Sparrow is Just Like A Curious Puppy And Wants Pets From His Mom

Maria found a day-old sparrow lying on the sidewalk. The chick was pecking at something on the street but he had hurt his head and it was bleeding. He also had a big scab on his beak.

She took him to a wildlife rehabiltator who told her that the bird couldn’t be released and would have to be euthanized if someone didn’t adopt him. Maria immediately said yes. She named him Happy. The bird is not releasable because of his damaged beak, which got bent from his fall and because he is a non-native species to California she can keep him.

Happy has figured out a way to eat to work around his disability. Maria says that she lost her dog two weeks after bringing Happy home and caring for Happy gave her a purpose. He’s been with her for a year and she has realized that sparrows are much smarter than you’d think. He shows an array of emotions, and is very curious like a puppy. He snuggles and wants pets and he puts himself to bed every night.

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