Rescued Pit Bull Happily Joins Pack Of Small Dogs

Petey, a blind senior Pit Bull, had been languishing at a shelter for a long time when Shira with The Animal Rescue Mission decided to help him. She found a foster for Petey and noted that from the moment he left the shelter for his freedom ride he got happier and happier.

When Petey arrived at his foster mom’s home, he quickly adapted to a life among the many small dogs in the house. He was completely at home among the pack of tiny dogs, so much so that Shira said he thinks he’s a 5 pound dog instead of a 65 pound one!

Petey was quite content with his “posey” of small friends but it soon came time for him to find a forever family. Given how “chill” Petey is it didn’t take long. And things got even better when his new family wanted to adopt a friend for Petey!

Petey met another senior pittie named Bella and they were instant best friends. Now Petey and his pal Bella are loved and cherished family members – a very happy ending for not one but two overlooked shelter dogs!

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