Rescued Husky Becomes Different Dog When He Sees Snow For The Very First Time

A Siberian Husky rescued from Iran flew 6000 miles to Canada where he got to see snow for the very first time! But when Levi first arrived his new mom, Chloe, grew very concerned. He was very skinny and he wouldn’t eat.

All he would do is sleep all day long. Within a few days, Chloe’s concern grew and she took him to the vet but they couldn’t find anything wrong with him. When Levi continued to be lethargic and then had a nose bleed, Chloe went to another vet and found out he had a tick-borne disease. It was ehrlichiosis. It turns out Levi was tested for it during his initial visit after his first nosebleed but it came back negative. Months later, the test came back positive.

Thankfully, vets could treat him.

The change in Levi after he got treated has been like night and day. He started to eat and he has so much energy, just like a Husky should. Now Levi loves to play with other dogs and just have fun. And when he saw snow…it quickly became his new favorite thing. Not only that, but he got a little buddy who loves to play in the snow as much as he does.

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