Two-legged Chihuahua and Rescued Chicken Have the Most Heartwarming Friendship

A Chihuahua and a chicken might not seem like they have a lot in common. But the two adorable animals became fast friends after they were rescued by Alicia Williams.

Roo and Penny are both rescues and have the most heartwarming friendship. Photo: Facebook/Duluth Animal Hospital

Roo the Chihuhua was found in a ditch. Freezing cold, the small puppy was likely abandoned by a backyard breeder because he was born without his front legs.

Penny was also rescued. The silkie chicken was an “experimental chicken.” When the experiment had run its course, Penny probably would have been put down. But Alicia asked to have her and got to bring her home.

Penny and Roo like to hang out together at the Duluth Animal Hospital in Georgia where Alicia works. The Duluth Animal Hospital put together this YouTube video, which tells the whole story of these sweet, unlikely friends.

The pair shared many adventures together.

Roo and Penny taking a nap. “He likes to sleep beneath her where it’s warm.”

Roo and Penny enjoy a walk in the snow.

Since this initial story, Penny has since passed away but she left behind a loving legacy.

She also had a chick named Pippa, who has become friends with Roo too!

You can follow them and see what Roo is up to on their Facebook page.

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