Rescued Black Cat Determined To Help Run a Liquor Store

A rescued black cat named Betty is a beloved employee at the Liquor Barn in Oklahoma City, where she lives.

Amanda, her mom, says Betty is a former stray who showed up at her front door. She found Miss Betty underneath her house with a litter of kittens. She managed to trap her and brought her to the local Humane Society to get fixed but when she got her back Betty disappeared again. She hadn’t seen Betty for a month but then she came back.

When Amanda told the owners of the liquor store about Betty she asked if she could bring the cat to the store and they agreed.

She says Miss Betty adjusted quickly to the shop after she realized people really wanted to give her attention. She loves blending in among the wine bottles, perching on the highest stacks, and roaming on the shelves. Despite her roaming, Betty has never broken a bottle.

“Betty thinks she runs the place, although she can be easily distracted,” says Amanda.

“She’s always down to stock the line but sometimes when you walk by her she’s just eating cardboard,” joked staff member Emma.

Customers often ask Miss Betty for wine recommendations but they tell Amanda the cat’s choices are questionable.

“So we have got to do something about Betty’s wine taste. I keep getting complaints from customers that her recommendations are awful,” Amanda says. “The only thing she tells people to buy is this one shaped like a cat. We’ve got to get her to try some new ones.”

So Betty thought it best to give Betty a sampling to expand her taste buds [ed note: not real wine, folks]. Out of the Catbernet, White Kittendel and Meowscato there is a clear winner.

Some people have asked Amanda if the former feral cat ever tries to escape, but Amanda says she genuinely doesn’t seem to even want to. “The doors are left open for deliveries almost every day and she’s never tried,” Amanda answered on TikTok.

@bettytheliquorbarncat Some people ask if Betty ever tries to escape, but she genuinely doesn't seem to even want to ‍♀️ the doors are left open for deliveries almost every day and she's never tried #storecat #liquorstorecat #blackcat #voidcat #shessobrave #fyp ♬ original sound – Macros by Mel

Amanda answered some other questions like why does Miss Betty have a tipped ear? That’s because when a stray, Betty was spayed and the tipped ear is a marker to indicate that.

@bettytheliquorbarncat For those of you who don't know, here are a few FAQs about our Betty girl ‍⬛️ thanks again to @The Dodo for thinking she's as great as we do! #blackcat #storecat #liquorstorecat #voidcat #faq #meetmypet #fyp ♬ nintendo wii (mii channel) song – julie on the internet

Betty’s home is the store and that’s where she stays day and night. Amanda says Betty is hands down the best worker she’s ever had.

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