Rescue Dog Hides In Bathroom For Over A Week

When Rachel brought Nyx home after the dog had been rescued from a hoarding situation with 23 dogs, she tried her best to make her feel at home. But Nyx had been so under-socialized that she huddled in her bathroom for 12 days and refused to budge.

Rachel extended her hand with turkey but Nyx would not eat in front of her. Nyx was the most shut-down dog she had ever been around. She began to notice Nyx’s belly growing bigger and it turned out she was pregnant! The news meant Nyx was moved to a new foster home so she went to Bobbi’s house where her puppies could be taken care of.

Nyx is still on her way to healing but she is slowly opening up. Bobbi says Nyx will let her family pet her and she lies down and listens calmly when Bobbi’s daughters read to her. We’re sure with the patience and love she is getting, she will one day be ready to find her forever family

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