Rescue Dog Breaks Out In ‘Zoomies’ When Leaving Shelter For Forever Home

A rescue dog broke out into the most adorable zoomies when she headed out of the shelter for her new forever home.

Joy Bastow, co-founder of animal rescue service Healing Hearts Rehab, shared the cute video on TikTok and shared how delighted she was that Betty had found a home.

Betty was delighted too, as you’ll see below:

@joybastow Wohooooo!!!! We are so happy for Betty!!!! 🙌🏼🐾🙌🏼🐾🙌🏼 #fyp #foryou #adoption #healingheartrehab ♬ Celebration – Kool & The Gang

The one-year-old Askbash had been found hiding in a tree in Temple, Texas, in December of 2022. When a local animal rescuer had tried to get Betty, the scared dog stayed away.

The woman left out food for the dog and reached out to rescuers and lost and found groups in hopes of finding Betty’s owner. She also contacted Bastow. Bastow and her husband set up a trap with some enticing food and within minutes Betty was caught.

Betty had a severe vaginal prolapse that needed immediate treatment as the condition can cause infections and problems urinating. She also had hookworms and anemia.

Betty was fostered for several months and recovered physically and mentally and was adopted in March 2023.

“Betty now has four acres to run around and her new owners are training her to protect sheep,” Bastow revealed in a follow-up video. She went to visit the dog at her new home. Farm work will be great for Betty as it’s what the Askbash breed is often raised to do.

@joybastow Betty is doing amazing in her new home!!! #fyp #foryou #healingheartrehab ♬ original sound – Joy Bastow

“Betty is doing fantastic in her new home,” Bastow told Newsweek. “[She can] just be a happy and spoiled girl.”

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