Man Recycles Old Crayons To Help Sick Kids In Hospitals

Sometimes brilliant ideas come from the smallest observations. For dad Bryan Ware, the idea came when he saw crayons being thrown out at a restaurant. He found out they threw them away after they had been used by kids on the table. From there, he had an idea on how he could repurpose the crayons to help sick kids.

He began to collect the old crayons, melt them down in his kitchen and transform them into “new” crayons that are making a difference in the lives of sick children all over the country.

Called the Crayon Initiative, Bryan’s simple idea has ballooned into a nation-wide project that distributes upcycled crayons to children’s hospitals for free. For the kids that get them, the art tools provide a welcome distraction.

“It provides them the ability to be whatever they want to be,” Ware said. “Dream whatever they want to be. That right there is why we do this.”

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