Puppy Tries To Figure Out How To Get Up Basement Stairs In Sweet Video

Sometimes as adults we forget how the simple things we do every day don’t always come easily to children. The same can be said for puppies and adult dogs. Take King the Australian shepherd puppy. He’s working on “trying to figure out how the basement stairs work.”

Robin Bilby shared this funny and sweet video of him attempting to climb the stairs with lots of help from his Border Collie pals. While his bigger buddies are able to run up and down the stairs with ease, King just keeps making the same mistake over and over again.

His canine friends try to teach King with a mixture of encouragement and impatience. The one Collie goes up and down again and again to teach him. King just doesn’t seem to get it but he’s not about to give up.

@robinjbilby King is trying to figure out how the basement stairs work. #australianshepherdsoftiktok #puppiesoftiktok #puppytraining @frankbilby1 ♬ original sound – Robin Bilby

With all the love and encouragement he gets King does eventually succeed!

Bilby shared an update on King’s progress. The very next day, “He’s got it figured out now.”

@robinjbilby King's Progress: An Update Video ❤️ #notthekingofthestairs #australianshepherdsoftiktok #puppiesoftiktok #puppytraining @frankbilby1 ♬ original sound – Robin Bilby

The very next day Bilby shared that “he’s got it figured out now.” So the lesson stuck!

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