Puppy Reunites With Family After Pet Sitters Heroically Save Dogs From Maui Fires

A 9-month-old puppy was reunited with his family after being lost in the Maui fires. Nicole Comey relates how her two dogs Roman and Raina were at the doggy daycare of Mike and Andreza Cicchino while her family was in New England visiting family when she heard about the fires erupting in Maui.

Comey said Mike and Andreza lost their home and their business and are lucky to be alive and through their heroic actions, her two dogs survived.

Mike noticed smoke and houses on fire and decided to flee with his wife and the five dogs they were looking after.

Initially Mike and Andreza tried to flee by car but because of the gridlock they were forced to flee on foot and jump into the ocean. Two of the dogs jumped in with them but three (including Roman) were too scared. Mike and Andreza had a harrowing 12 hours in the water and eventually smoke and survival separated Roman from them.

A Good Samaritan would later find Roman and bring him to Maui Humane Society. Roman was treated for burns and dehydration and fortunately had a microchip.

Comey said they learned that Raina was safe before they flew back home and then learned Roman survived an hour after landing. Roman was so happy to be reunited with them and is expected to make a full recovery.

Mike has appeared in newscasts since the disaster and describes how he and his wife narrowly escaped the devastating wildfires in the video below:

Comey has nothing but praise for Mike and Andreza, who she says are heroes and saved dogs and people that day.

Maui Humane Society could use as much support as it can get right now in the aftermath of the fires in Lahaina. There are many animals missing and injured. Please visit this post on Facebook page or mauihumanesociety.org to help support them.

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