Adorable Puppy Really Wants To Play Professional Soccer So He Interrupts Match

A large puppy wanted to join in on the fun at a soccer game recently and caused quite a stir after running onto the field in the middle of a match. In the adorable clip of the May 14th match between Chile’s Professional Football Club teams Curico Unido and Palestino, a puppy bolts onto the field and intercepts the ball.

The puppy pounces on the ball and bites down as the players from both sides gather around the unexpected new player. Palestinian player Maximiliano Salas gives the dog some pets and then carries the dog to the sidelines to the cheers and laughter of the audience.

Hilariously, the puppy doesn’t want to let go of his prized new ball!

Salas manages to hand off the friendly puppy to a stadium staff employee who takes over carrying the dog to somewhere he won’t get loose. The pup looks so disappointed that he won’t get to play more with the ball and his new friends.


The audience member who shared the video said that the puppy entered the field around 8 minutes into the first half. The pooch must have been a good luck charm for Salas and his team because Palestino went on to win the game 1-0.


Viewers of the video thought the interruption “is the cutest thing ever!” and many people wanted the football league to give the pup a ball. Who knows, with some training he could easily become a professional ball retriever.

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