Rescuers Swoop In To Save Puppy Just Minutes From Being Euthanized

Griffin was found in an abandoned building crying for help. But even though the puppy was rescued by a Good Samaritan he wasn’t saved. That’s because the Oklahoma shelter he was brought to was overcrowded.

“I have no idea how this little 2 month old puppy survived after his momma died and each one of his siblings died leaving him all alone under a condemned building,” Oklahoma Ruff Refuge describes. “Thank God for the Good Samaritan who heard this puppy’s loud cries of pain and called animal control. Sadly because of his condition he wasn’t going to get adopted sitting at our over max capacity city shelter where healthy puppies and dogs are an abundance. So this little guy found himself on the Euthanasia list in OKC.”

That didn’t sit well with Oklahoma Ruff Refuge. “The thought of this little guy fighting to live despite his momma being dumped to have her puppies under a condemned building and all of them dying except him. I thought how could I leave him to die? He had fought so hard to finally get help. He was crying loudly, the Good Samaritan told Animal control. So finally he was rescued all to be marked NOT Adoptable and put on kill list.”

They knew they had to save Griffin but he only had minutes to spare.

Thankfully, they picked him up just minutes before he was to be euthanized. Griffin was so encrusted with mange that he could barely see.

Oklahoma Ruff Rescue

All it took was a couple of baths and medication for Griffin to start to feel better. Three days later he got to visit the store to pick out some bones and toys.

As his fur grew out Griffin was revealed to be a black and tan hound dog.

Oklahoma Ruff Rescue

He’s a sweet pup. It’s been several months since Griffin’s rescue and the sweet dog is still looking for a home. Visit his Petfinder listing to find out more about adopting Griffin.

Oklahoma Ruff Refuge recently addressed why the city shelters would consider euthanizing a 2-month-0ld puppy and why animal rescues across the States are struggling. They wrote the following on a TikTok video:

“We are trying to empty an ocean with a teaspoon, please don’t get mad at the people who work at our shelters! I know these people and it kills them to have to euthanize these dogs. But when nobody is adopting and shelter is at max capacity and dogs are getting sick from over crowded facilities they have NO choice I really don’t think people know how horrific the problem is here in #Oklahoma.

“Every shelter in this state is having to euthanize dogs weekly just to make space for more homeless dogs. Every time I walk down death row at the animal shelter it just kills my heart. Its not the dogs fault that it has been placed in the soon to be euthanized dogs line up. It’s our state’s fault, it’s humans that have been so careless and heartless! Please pay attention to what I say and make sure everyone you know who has a dog knows this… if a dog owner goes and surrenders their dog to the animal shelter that dog becomes property of the state and can be euthanized the minute the owner walks out the door. So please do not think your dog will find another home at our Oklahoma shelters. They won’t! They will not make it out alive. Be responsible take care of your pets! WE THE PEOPLE are the only ones that can stop this senseless killings. Take spaying & neutering your pets SERIOUSLY! Report all back yard breeders #Adopt from a rescue or the shelter.”

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