Street Puppy Found Badly Burned Is So Excited To Meet Her Forever Family

Pongo the puppy was found covered in burns by a couple. She had gotten caught up in a fire and as a result was orphaned and all alone. Her rescuers brought her to Dog Care Clinic EV, a rescue in Sri Lanka that cares for sick and injured dogs throughout the country. With millions of street dogs in the country, this is a big undertaking.

But they would never refuse help a dog in need and as soon as they got Pongo they set to work to care for her. In addition to her burns, she suffered from malnutrition and it took one month of steady treatment for her to reach a healthy weight. Not long after, Pongo was ready for her forever home, which she found with a loving senior couple.

Marina Möbius established Dog Care Clinic after she saw the plight of so many homeless dogs in Sri Lanka. If you would like to support her rescue’s amazing work and the care of the non-adoptable dogs visit the Dog Care Clinic website.

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