Dachshund Puppy Does The Most Adorable Thing To Get Belly Rubs

Scotch is one very adorable dachshund puppy but even his incredible cuteness doesn’t mean he always gets the belly rubs he wants. That doesn’t mean he hasn’t figured out a way to persuade his mom otherwise.

When Scotch’s mom walks past him without giving him belly rubs, the puppy decides she must not have understood what he was asking so he makes sure it’s clearly understood.

Scotch quickly leaps up and runs ahead of her and roadblocks her by sliding and flipping over onto his belly. And for an extra dash of cuteness he wags his tail, waiting expectantly for more belly rubs.

Watch what Scotch does in the adorable video below:

How could mom resist?

Many viewers on social media admitted they would not be able to walk on by, admiring Scotch’s “perfect form” when it comes to his belly roll. “10/10,” wrote one viewer on reddit. “Also, must comply – PET THAT PUPPER.”


“Yeah I wouldn’t get anything done in that house,” admitted another viewer.

One fan of Scotch’s noticed just how innocent he looked throughout his demand. The joked, “‘Oh would you look at that…I’ve fallen and my belly is exposed…be a real shame if someone petted it.’”


One person recognized Scotch’s trick, commenting, “The old ‘run and dive into a back sploot’ pulls in another kind soul.”

redditor Wajina_Sloth concurred and shared, “Literally my life right now. We adopted a dog from the shelter at the start of the month, she is very shy but absolutely loves receiving affection and demands constant petting. I’ll be working and have her on my lap, she gives me sad puppy eyes and lifts her paw to get belly rubs, so I pet her, but any time I stop to type she either smushes her head between my hands or moves around and lifts her arm for more rubs…She literally did this for 6 hours straight.”

As Scotch demonstrates, dog lovers are at the beck and call of their dogs. But who can blame them when the demands are so clearly rewarding for everyone involved?

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