Prairie Dogs Adorably Yell ‘Yahoo’ Every Time They See Their Human Mom

Pedro and Pablo are not a typical pair of prairie dogs. The two like to burrow like their wild counterparts but they burrow in laundry baskets. They also like to scream ‘hello’ to their family, but they do it every morning when they see their human mom, Sarah.

Pablo and Pedro came to be her pets after they started off in the wrong hands. Their former owners got them as pets but didn’t know how to care for them and hadn’t realized just how much work the animals would be.

Sarah did some research and decided to adopt the pair, knowing that by then they were too familiar with humans to be reintroduced into the wild. The pair of prairie dogs have been a surprise to Sarah in many ways. She says they are the most affectionate animals she’s ever met.

Her family have jokingly nicknamed them the “productivity suckers” because they want to be around their humans all the time. Not only do they have to be near you, they have to be laying on you. And don’t even think of stopping petting them.

Every morning, Pedro and Pablo let out a “Yahoo” when they are let out of their cage. It’s their signature greeting and from there, they look forward to a day of adventure, cuddling and fun. Sarah, however, is quick to point out the animals are a lot of work and not for everybody.

Thankfully for Pedro and Pablo, they found a family who’s willing to put in the work and give them the most loving home!

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