Police In Peru Set Up Water And Food Dispensers To Help Abandoned Dogs

Police stations in several cities in Peru have decided to put out food dispensers for street dogs as a way to help abandoned animals and help prevent cases of animal abuse.

One town that added the food and water dispensers was the Tacna Central Police Station. A passerby filmed an adorable little street dog eating and drinking from the dispenser.

The video quickly went viral with many people commending the police for their actions.

“Congratulations to the National Police for their enormous heart towards the noble animals worthy gesture admire,” wrote one person.

“Many thanks to the National Police Central Police Station, really thank you for so much love,” said another.

“What a good gesture with the animals, I also hope soon with the people who live in the street,” added another.

Watch the video below and share this wonderful idea with your family and friends.

If you have trouble viewing the video above try the one below.

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