Police Come Just In Time To Save Two Dogs From Boiling Hot Car, Capture Rescue On BodyCam

Police in Georgia came to the rescue of two dogs rescued from a boiling hot car in a movie theater parking lot. The Roswell Police Department released bodycam footage of the rescue in an effort to remind dog owners NOT to leave their dogs in a car in warm weather.

“A concerned citizen noticed a dog suffering in a hot car and called 911. The first officer arrived in 18 seconds,” the police department wrote on their Facebook page. “What you are about to see is actual bodycam footage of the rescue and medical treatment of two dogs suffering from heat stroke.”

The dog barking at the window was very aggressive from the heat and fear had to be removed with a catch pole. That’s when the officers saw the second dog, who had been hiding under the seat. The first dog removed from the car had a heat stroke seizure while officers were moving him to be cooled off.

While rescuing the dogs, one officer took a reading of the temperature inside the vehicle – his thermometer read 167 degrees Fahrenheit (75 degrees Celcius) in the front seat, even though all four windows were cracked open.

You can watch the Roswell Police Department’s bodycam footage in the video below. Please wait a few seconds for the video below to load.

The dogs were cooled down just as the dog’s owner returned to her car. She had been gone roughly an hour. Officers charged with animal cruelty. The one police officer told her that he believed they had come just in time to save the dogs’ lives. The dogs were taken to an emergency animal hospital and were suffering from heat stroke but are doing okay and are in the care of the Fulton County Animal Shelter.

One of the eyewitnesses to the rescue couldn’t believe what she was seeing and wanted to adopt the dogs.

“That’s just crazy and bizarre. There’s no words to explain how stupid a person can be. Excuse me,” said Beloadea Omerto-Anderson, who are now living at the Fulton County Animal Shelter. Omerto-Anderson was later informed that she can’t adopt the tiny dogs, because they are currently evidence in a criminal case.

It’s lucky the dogs survived in that heat! Share this as a reminder to everyone you know to keep an eye out for pets and kids left in cars this summer.

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