It Looks Like A Tiny Car, But The PodRide Is Amazing Combination Of Bicycle And Car

Swedish design engineer Mikael Kjellman wanted to make a weather-protected bicycle in order to ride in comfort so invented what he calls the PodRide.

The PodRide has four wheels, 250 watts crank shaft engine, gear suspension and is the height of a small car. It can also reach speeds of 15 miles per hour, which makes it a legal electrical bike in Sweden. It’s both street legal and can go on bicycle paths in the country. In essence, it’s a bicycle-car!

In the video below, Mikael walks you through his prototype which he has been riding to work for over a year. He’s thought through every inch of the design. There’s room for baggage, side windows that open up and bike trailers can be hooked up to it. You can see how much effort he put into it making the PodRide practical. But he also says it’s a lot of fun too! And from the looks of it, I agree!

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