Critter Cam Catches Playful Bear Conquering Hammock

When it comes to enjoying a lazy afternoon this bear has it figured out by climbing into a hammock. Amy D. White of YouTube’s @Fairviewcrittercams shared this video of a bear on one of the trail cameras she set up around her home in the mountains of Western North Carolina.

Amy’s cameras regularly capture bears up to all sorts of things around her property and many of them enjoy the hammock her family has hung outside. In the video below, the bear she’s nicknamed “Ernie” figures out how to climb into the hammock and relax.

She writes in the description of the video, “That poor old natural fiber hammock was already within an inch of its life before the bears discovered it. It wasn’t entirely their fault that they trashed the thing. The only reason I knew to train a trail camera on our hammock in the first place is because I went out to garden one day in 2018 and noticed a ginormous hole in the hammock netting. It was pretty obvious who the culprits were, even though I hadn’t caught them in the act!”

She now has a newer hammock and writes, “I’m so glad the bears still come back to play from time to time. I’ve been happy to accommodate the bears by providing them with new and improved hammocks, too. Thus far, the new versions have easily withstood the bear-tests of time.”

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