Howling Pittie Adorably Confused When Cactus Toy Talks Back

A talking cactus toy hilariously unleashes Meira the Pit Bull’s inner howl. When Meira’s mom introduces her to the toy she is curious but also sceptical. But little does the adorable dog know that the cactus mimics her every sound! In fact, the toy prompts her very first howl.

“This is the second time Meira has ‘played’ with her cactus toy and unexpectedly it helped her find her FIRST howl,” explains her family. “She is a very vocal puppy but had never howled in her 1 year of life until this moment! She kept looking at her mom behind the camera like she didn’t even understand what she was doing.”

Meira’s family adds, “Meira is notorious for being cautious around new things and having a BIG attitude.” They explain that when Meira was first introduced to the toy, she was very curious about it but could not decide if it was a friend or foe. They note that Meira wasn’t frightened of the toy (as her body language is completely different). Instead, her response was one they’ve seen before. They write, “Actually, it is exactly how she responds to cats as well, like she wants to play but she is kind of nervous about their unpredictability and the unknown!”

Here’s a video of her first interaction with the funny toy.

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