Pit Bull Spooked By Car Crash Runs To Her Doggy Day Care For Help

A dog spooked after being involved in a car crash raced to one place she knew would be safe – her doggy day care. Ares, a 3-year-old Pit Bull mix, was out for a car ride with her mom, Melissa Fickel, when a vehicle hit Melissa’s car.

The pair were headed to the dog park and Melissa had the windows down so Ares could enjoy the fresh air. So as soon as Ares felt the smack and Melissa stopped the car, Ares jumped out of the window and ran away. The dog kept running until she reached Hounds Town Metro Detroit a mile away. When Ares got to the doggy daycare she jumped outside the front door to get someone’s attention. Surveillance cameras caught her “literally knocking on the door.”

But Melissa didn’t know where Ares had gotten to. She couldn’t leave the scene of the accident and was worried sick about her dog. Thankfully, she received a call from Travis Ogden, the doggy daycare owner soon after telling her Ares was safe.

Odgen later told news outlets that Ares seemed to know exactly what to do.

Thankfully, all’s well ends well and Melissa says that Ares is back to her old self and back to taking car rides.

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