Rescued Pit Bull Loves Sharing ‘Salad Time’ with Her New Animal Family

Contrary to her name, Shrimp isn’t a tiny dog. In fact she’s a 93 pound Pittie. But when she was first rescued, she was severely underweight. She was found as a stray but she’s so loving that her mom figures she must have been in a home at one time. When her mom and dad adopted Shrimp from Wags & Walks in LA she immediately adjusted to life her family’s “mini zoo” residents.

There’s Wilbur the dog. Shrimp’s “man.” Shrimp loves to kiss his ears and smitten with the senior dog. Then there’s Fat Lou the guinea pig, Shrimp’s best friend. For some reason Shrimp thinks they are the same.

New to the family is their bearded lizard “Fred Savage” who loves lying on Shrimp for warmth. Shrimp just loves her life with all her unique friends. The gentle giant will even share “salad time” with them.

But without a doubt Shrimp’s favorite person in the house is her dad, her mom says.

But there’s more than enough love to go around because Shrimp is just the sweetest, most caring dog.

Salad time.

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