Newly Rescued Pig Wiggles Her Way Into Grumpy Old Pig’s Heart

When Sylvie the pig was thrilled to meet Owen, an older pig at the Share the Moon Sanctuary. Owen was alone and used by a breeder. Courtney of Share the Moon Sanctuary rescued Owen from going to the slaughter.

Owen was used to being alone, but Courtney wanted him to have a friend. That’s when Sylvie came into the picture. The younger pig had jumped or fallen off a truck and was found in a wooded area. Sylvie is a lot more outgoing than Owen. She wants everyone to love her. But Owen…well Courtney wasn’t so sure how he would react. But he was curious, so there was a glimmer of hope.

Sylvie kept working on Owen’s grumpy heart and soon she “broke him down.” Now the two are best friends and their hearts are full of love!

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