Rescue Pig Steals Neighbors’ Pumpkins, Gets The Most Amazing Response

A rescue pig named Carlton got caught on camera stealing all the neighborhood Jack-O-Lanterns. His mom, Amanda said Carlton kept sneaking out of the house to go enjoy the squashy snacks. After all, they were just out there sitting on people’s porches for the picking.

No matter what she did to try and keep him locked up, the clever pig found a way to escape and continue his thieving.

So Amanda got ahead of the bad PR and let her neighbors know that Carlton was the culprit and that she’d happily replace any pumpkins that Carton munched on. But she also had another idea, one that the neighbors reacted to in the most amazing way.

She asked if anyone had extra pumpkins to give Carlton and his other rescue friends at Central Texas Pig Rescue. The community’s response was just the best. They donated tons of pumpkins so not only did Carlton get his fill but other pigs got the treat too!

PS we absolutely love that Carlton planted his very own pumpkin patch too!

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