Stubborn Papillon Hilariously Refuses To Do Agility Course at Prestigious Competition

Even the most seasoned of athletes can have a day that they just don’t want to compete. But none would be as adorable in their refusal as this tiny competitor at the Crufts Agility 2018 competition.

The 4-year-old Papillon named Tinklebury Bingo was about to make his first jump at the prestigious competition when the Papillon stopped in his tracks and simply refused.

No matter what coaxing his handler Melinda Savva tried, the obstinate Papillon refused to jump.

You might think the dog had a case of stage fright, but, no, Tinklebury Bingo would have had to have succeeded at quite a few agility courses to qualify to attend Crufts.

The annual dog show in the UK has been running for 127 years now, and is expected to attract some 160,000 spectators over the four-day event.

We guess he just wasn’t feeling it on this particular day.

After about a minute of coaxing and even some assistance from one of the judges, Tinklebury still wasn’t feeling it, so Savva graciously called it quits, waving to the audience and exiting the stage.

Tinklebury isn’t the first dog to unexpectedly entertain audiences at the agility show. Last year’s competition hilariously saw a Jack Russell Terrier go crazy with excitement on the course.

No doubt Tinklebury will be back next year should he qualify and just might surprise audiences again!

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