‘Otters’ Trapped in Storm Drain Turn Out to Be Very Different Animals

Secret World Wildlife Rescue is used to getting calls about wild animals in distress but “It is not every day we get a phone call about an otter that turns out to be something very different.”

Matt, with the wildlife rescue in Frome, England, responded to a call from a Good Samaritan about two animals stuck in three feet (a metre) of dirty water in a storm drain.

The “otters” in question turned out to be two beavers, the rescuers revealed on Facebook.

“It was important to get them out as quickly as possible as they were at risk of drowning if left in the storm drain,” the rescue said.

One of the beavers was much weaker than the other, leading them to suspect he had been stuck for a longer period of time.

The beavers were safely removed from the drain and transported to RSPCA West Hatch Wildlife where the pair of animals are getting a much needed rest.

They are also getting lots of delicious willow snacks.

The morning after their arrival at the RSCPA they were moved to a “pool pen, which they both loved.”

The RSPCA will release them back into the wild when they have fully recovered.

Just last month, beavers were reintroduced into the wilds of west London. Beavers went extinct in England during the 16th century. But they have returned to London for the first time in more than 400 years.

Wildlife groups believe the reintroduction of beavers into the British capital will benefit the local environment because of their natural ability as “ecosystem engineers.”

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