Orphaned Badger Surprises Everyone By Being Adorable

Stephanie with Wild West Wildlife Rehabilitation will tell you that her view of badgers was they are “meaner than snot.” But that was before she met Billie. Billie, an orphaned badger, “turned out to be very special.”

Billie was brought in to the wildlife centre by a couple who found the baby badger running across a road in Texas. Something had happened to her mother so she was brought to Stephanie to be cared for. Stephanie had always planned to release Billie back into the wild right from the start, to “wild her up” so to speak. But it just didn’t work out that way.

At three months old, Billie imprinted on Stephanie and their bond grew. Badgers are known to be independent, aggressive animals, but Billie just keeps on defying the stereotype. She goes to schools to educate kids. She loves playing. She even befriended a French Bulldog named Gertie!

Watch Billie’s amazing story in the video below:

She really does prove what Stephanie says – every individual animal is different!

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