Obese Chihuahua On Shelter’s ‘Red List’ Now Makes Family Emotional When He Runs

When Theo’s owner passed away the obese Chihuahua ended up at a Texas shelter on a “red list.” Fortunately for Theo, Astin and Brendan saw him on Petfinder and something about his chunky little neck made an impression on them and they decided to adopt him. Brendan says it was sad meeting Theo at first because he didn’t move much, he “wobbled.” They didn’t find out much about his background but they think he was in a good home but overfed. When they went to the vet they learned he had issues with his knees, teeth, spleen and more. They got “sticker shock” but they knew he needed them so they got him exercising and on a diet.

Theo became a totally new dog when he lost weight and began to run. Not only was he more sprightly he was more sassy too. A year later, Theo now weighs 9 pounds, down from 14.4 pounds when Astin and Brendan first got him! The couple says they both get emotional when Theo breaks into a run. It’s a heartwarming reminder of how far he’s come in a short time.

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