News Anchor’s Sweet Reaction When Puppy Falls Asleep In His Arms Gets Her Adopted

Sometimes all it takes to change a life is a little free publicity. That and taking a nap.

A puppy up for adoption at Animal Rescue League Boston appeared on NBC10 Boston with news anchors Colton Bradford and Melody Mendez. But it’s what Bo the puppy did while being held in Bradford’s arms that not only captured Bradford’s heart, but captured the hearts of millions of viewers as well.

Bo made the appearance on the live news cast to try and get attention from potential adopters for her and her littermates. While Mendez gave a sports update, Bradford cradled Bo in his arms. When Bradford notices that the puppy has fallen asleep in his arms he has the sweetest reaction.

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The cute video quickly went viral and Bo was immediately adopted! And there are people lined up to adopt her littermates too! So, we’d say her TV appearance was a huge success!

TikTok viewers also voiced their approval.

“I love his face when he sees the puppy sleeping,” commented one viewer.

“I believe you, sir, have a new puppy,” said another.

“The only appropriate reaction when a puppy falls asleep in your arms,” said another person approvingly.

Other viewers couldn’t help but “thirst” after Bradford.

LeiLei01 joked, “I think I’m ready to adopt. Where can I pickup the reporter?”

Wreckmyplans wrote, “I want Bo but also want the reporter please.”

No word as to Bradford’s availability but we hope he agrees to help other adoptable puppies get a “boost” to a new home!

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