New Mom And Gorilla Shares Bonding Moment With Their Babies

Two mothers, one human, one gorilla, recently shared such a touching moment that is is hard not to tear up when watching the video of their exchange.

A gorilla named Kiki recently gave birth to a baby named Pablo at the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston. Being a new mother may be why she became extra curious when Emmelina Austin and her newborn baby recently visited the zoo. Kiki was very interested in getting close to Emmelina and 5-week-old Canyon. Pablo also wanted to say ‘hello’ to the human family and joined his mother.

Husband (and daddy) Michael captured the precious moment on video and wrote on YouTube:

This gorilla is Kiki. She recently had a baby named Pablo. My wife, Emmelina, also had a baby 5 weeks previous to this video. Kiki had brought her baby over to us and shared a connection with my wife and our baby boy Canyon. We hope you enjoy the video.

It’s truly touching to see the two mothers bond over being new mothers. It will surely be a memory that the family will cherish for a lifetime. It also reinforces just how universal the language of motherhood is among all animals.

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