Mysterious Cave Used By Knights Templar 700 Years Ago Found In Farmer’s Field

A mysterious cave used by Knights Templar 700 years ago has been recently rediscovered behind a rabbit’s hole in a farmer’s field in Shropshire, England.

The Knights Templar were a secretive religious sect with origins dating back to medieval times. The members were forced underground by King Philip IV of France after he began publicly persecuting them, burning several of its prominent members at the stake.

The king did so because he owed them money and feared the Templar, whose members were a strong and influential military group during the Crusades. Rumor has it that the Knights Templar protected the Holy Grail.

This particular cave, known as the Caynton Caves, were believed to be used by followers of the Knights Templar in the 17th Century, although their grotto-like appearance may have been constructed a century or two later.

The mysterious underground ceremonial spot lay untouched for years and it is still not known exactly when they were carved. The caves were closed up several years ago after the landowners grew tired of the constant requests for visits and cleaning up after vandals.

Photographer Michael Scott recently got access to the spot and took eerie footage of the cave, which has recently been released (see the video below).

There is more details and the photos in the video below.

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