Motorcyclist Acts Quickly And Saves Scared Kitten From Middle Of The Road

A motorcyclist is being hailed as a “superhero” for rescuing a scared kitten from the middle of the road.

The man, identified as “Quentin” by some news reports, was riding his motorcycle in Mons, Belgium when he spotted the kitten. He quickly pulled to the side of the road to rescue it and another man in a car also pulled to the side.

The two ran back to where they had seen the cat and waved at traffic to avoid the terrified orange kitten. Quentin runs into the middle of the road and gently picks up the kitten to carry it to safety.


On the side of the road they discuss whether the kitten is lost or abandoned, both wondering how it came to be all alone.


Quentin tells the man in the car that he would take the kitten home but he is unfortunately allergic to cats, so the other man offers to take the kitten, promising to take care of it.

Watch the kitten’s rescue in the video below.

A longer clip of the rescue and two mens’ exchange was shared on reddit.

Scared cat gets saved by two French guys from r/aww

Their dialogue goes as follows (translated by a redditor):

Biker: There’s a little kitty in the middle of the road. This is a joke?
Man in car: I saw that.
Biker: Yes yes.
Man in car: Stop.
Biker: No. Come here, you. Come. Little one (lou lou), what are you doing here? Oh, little one.
Man in car: What to do with him?
Biker: I don’t know. I’ve picked him up here but unfortunately I’m allergic. But well, I can’t leave him here.
Man in car: What to do with him?
Biker: What’s wrong my little one? Come.
Man in car: We’ve gotten lost, huh?
Biker: Lost or he was left here. How else could he have gotten here?
Man in car: Give him to me.
Biker: You’ll take him? Oh thank you, sir.
Man in car: [unintelligble]
Biker: Oh, he’s stuck. Gently.
Man in car: Says something unintelligible -> You don’t see his mother or something, right?
Biker: Well, it’s strange that he’s out here in the middle of nowhere. Oh, he’s so cute.
Man in car: [unintelligble]
Biker: Yes, it’s fine. Thank you so much.
Man in car: I won’t throw him in the ditch.
Biker: Well no. Have a good day, goodbye.

If you have any trouble viewing the video above, try the one below.

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