Mom’s Experiment On Bottled Water Turns Up Surprising Results

Like any mom, Holly cares about the foods and drinks she exposes her children to and that also extends to water. As people around the globe drink billions of bottles of water every year, there are more and more products available. But is there a bottled water that is “better” for us than another?

Holly and her son Carson set out to answer the question by testing the pH levels of a selection of bottled water to see which ones were more alkaline or acidic. Why test for this difference? “As we know, acidity causes cancer,” Holly says in the video.

[Editor’s note: More acidity in a person’s diet has been debunked by scientists as a cancer myth. You can read more about this, and other cancer myths here. If you do have concerns about your diet please speak with a licensed physician.]

She further captioned the video, “What do you THINK you are drinking? You might want to re-evaluate. Cancer thrives in an acidic environment. We wanted to share with you an experiment that we did with bottled water to see what we REALLY ARE paying for. Hope this helps you and your family.”

Holly and Carson uploaded their science project to Facebook in January of 2016 and it has been shared nearly 40,000 times since then. Did you know there was such a variance in bottled water before?

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