Mom Returns Home from Dropping Kids at School and Finds a Helpless Puppy on Her Doorstep

Recently, Leilani Slocumb was heading home after dropping her kids off at school when she noticed an animal curled up on her front porch. As she got closer she could see it was a dog – a starving one. “It broke my heart seeing this dog in such bad shape,” she wrote on TikTok, sharing a video of him lying on on her doormat.

The dog noticed her approaching and got up and slinked away with his tail between his legs but when Slocumb called gently to him and held out some food, he stopped running away and approached her.

“Oh my gosh, you poor thing,” Slocumb said as the dog munched on the food she gave him.

TikTok @leislocumb

Slocumb could see the dog was very hungry so she went to get some hash browns for him.

@leislocumbIt broke my heart seeing this dog in such bad shape♬ original sound – Leilani Slocumb

In a follow up video, Slocumb filmed her husband and stepdaughter giving the dog a bath. She said he was a bit scared at first but then “really enjoyed it.” As they washed him, they noticed he had scabs on his skin and made an appointment to take him to the vet the next day.

“He has really warmed up to us and is doing well,” Slocumb wrote on TikTok.

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The day of the vet visit Slocumb shared that the vet had found a microchip. “He stayed at the vet because they found a chip and his owner had to be contacted before they could give him back to them,” she explained. “The owner finally got back in touch with the vet and said they gave the dog away 6 months ago and haven’t seen him since. They also said they didn’t know the name of the person they gave him to and that we could have him if we wanted him.”

Slocumb and her family didn’t hesitate. “We told the vet we would take him and to go ahead with all the care he needed.”

TikTok @leislocumb

She also announced the family had picked a name for their newfound family member – Bo!

It turns out Bo has a really bad case of mange. So he received antibiotics and the vet gave his new family some to bring home. “He was negative for worms and parasites, surprisingly,” Slocumb said. “They told us to just keep watching his feces to be sure. They said he is about a year old. He got his vaccines yesterday and flea medication.”

After the vet vist, Bo got another bath to remove all fleas and ticks and afterwards a video clip shows his whole body wagging with happiness.

Despite all the fussing, Bo is eager and ready to start his new life with his family.

TikTok @leislocumb

“After a long day, we went home and Bo rolled straight in the dirt and was the happiest he has been since he’s been with us,” Slocumb wrote. “He knows he is home now.”

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Viewers on TikTok couldn’t help but express relief that Bo is now safe.

“He laid on the perfect doorstep,” wrote one viewer.

“He’s going to be so absolutely beautiful when he heals. Such a lucky doggy, thank you for saving him,” commented another.

And one other person summed up his rescue nicely, “I’m glad he decided to go to your house. Now he’ll have a safe and wonderful life.”

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