Men Rescue Distraught Deer Swinging in the Air from Rope

Three men in Ohio were shocked when the saw a deer flying around in the air. The hunters immediately noticed the deer’s antlers had become tangled in a rope swing. The deer was desperately trying to free himself but every time the deer tried to run away, the rope would pull the deer off the ground and into the air.

The buck was so stressed it was dangerous to approach him so the men came up with a strategy to tire the deer out. The deer must have run back and forth 50 times before he made a misstep and one of the men was able to grab hold of him while the other cut the rope.

The man who got a hold of the deer turns out to be a wrestler and puts the deer in a “tight waist” hold against the tree.

He and his friends said it didn’t occur to them to kill the deer as it would have been taking unfair advantage of the animal. Within seconds of getting free, the deer ran off into the woods, no doubt exhausted from his ordeal, but alive thanks to the efforts of these three men.

Viewers were impressed by the rescue effort. One viewer wrote, “Major props to the guy brave enough to grab that deer. VERY dangerous. He could have gotten a devastating kick and/or a face full of antlers. Good job men.”

Another wrote, “These are real men, using their intelligence and compassion to help this distressed animal.”

One other viewer said, “Amazing rescue!!!! It takes courage to try to catch, hold and cut free a full grown deer! Their hooves can cut you to ribbons! Truly heroic rescue!!!”

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