Man Reveals How Meat Glue Can Be Used To Make Fake Steak

The next time I order a steak sandwich, I’ll be inspecting it more closely after having seen this video.

Greg from Ballistic BBQ wants to give the “low down” on meat glue (a.k.a. transglutaminase). He says the powdered ingredient is used in a lot of “formed meats”. However, he says there may be some deceptive practices involving meat glue that many consumers may not be aware of.

Greg says that eateries and restaurants can easily pass off formed meats as “formed steaks”. So that “filet mignon” or “rib eye” you’ve ordered, may really be pieced together from inexpensive scraps and cuts.

Transglutaminase is used in a lot of processed meats (such as cold cuts and hot dogs). It makes pieces of meat stick together so it looks like a solid piece of meat and is a white powder derived from pork blood or beef blood and is used as a clotting agent.

Greg shows how easy it is to do by making a fake ribeye steak using meat glue. He calls his creation a “Frankensteak” and after cutting it and cooking it on the grill, you’ll be shocked how much it resembles a real rib eye steak!

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