Matted Senior Dog Finds Perfect Home After Being Chained On The Roof For Two Years

Terry and another dog lived miserable lives on top of a roof in Mexico City. The two small dogs were matted and chained on a rooftop for 2 years before they were saved. A concerned neighbor complained to Mexican authorities and the two dogs were finally freed and rescued by Silvia of La Casa del Mestizo.

It took four hours to shave down the two dogs but they soon were fluffy and happy and ready to start their new lives. Terry’s brother was adopted quickly and went to live in Montreal. Terry had to wait a little longer but with the help of West Coast Paws, seven months later he came to the attention of Lee and Danny.

The couple saw his picture on West Coast Paws website and something about him touched their hearts. So then came the question, how to get Terry from Mexico to Vancouver, Canada?

With the help of some volunteers Terry arrived safely in Seattle and was picked up by Lee and Danny. Since arriving at his new home, Terry (now Teddy) is wholeheartedly embracing his second chance. His new parents say he is very sociable and curious and loves life. He just goes to show how resilient dogs can be!

West Coast Paws is currently raising funds to help Silvia keep La Casa del Mestizo shelter open. If you would like to help donate.

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