Man Who Fostered Very Pregnant Pit Bull is So Happy to See Her Again Two Years Later

When Josh Feeney’s friend rescued a pregnant Pit Bull in a Chicago alley Josh knew he wanted to help and took the dog home to foster.

Kaia immediately seemed to know right away that she was safe even though it was probably the first time she had been inside a home.

Every day, Kaia acted more and more uncomfortable and Josh watched her in anticipation for signs she was ready to give birth.

Then, finally, Kaia started giving birth every hour until she had a total of 6 healthy puppies. For weeks, the pittie mama nursed her puppies. She would learn to play with toys by watching her puppies. Josh says she was the best mama. When her puppy was around 9 to 10 weeks old she went from being their mama to playing with them like she would other dogs.

After Kaia’s puppies were all adopted, Josh knew it was time to find Kaia a home, which she did shortly after. Josh knows Kaia is very happy because two years later he went to visit her again she recognized him. It’s a joyous moment between the foster dad and his former charge. Seeing Kaya so settled and happy must bring Josh a lot of pride.

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