Woman Films Neighbor Trying To Catch Pet Rabbit

Sometimes our pets just don’t want to cooperate with what we want to do. That’s what this young man discovered when he tried to pick up his pet rabbit and his neighbor caught it all on film.

“This guy has a NIGHTMARE trying to catch his rabbit,” the neighbor writes. The man brings out a box to catch his black bunny in, but the rabbit instantly knows something’s up and gives the man the runaround.

But there’s more to the bunny’s reaction than meets the eye.

Although the woman laughs at what she’s seeing, rabbit rescuers say the video is an important lesson on how NOT to handle a rabbit.

Rabbit rescuers point out that not only was the rabbit badly frightened by the owner, it was likely seriously injured by the way he handled it.

A lot of times people have problems catching and picking up their bunny, and use methods that can be cruel and dangerous.

So watch the tutorial video below for tips on how to properly pick up and handle pet rabbits to avoid hurting them!

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