Man Tries Freeing Tangled Squirrel And Gets A Big Surprise

Joe had just come home from work when he spotted something run in front of his feet. It looked like a bunch of garbage bags and twine bunched together into a sticky, smelly mass. But when he took a closer look he could see a squirrel tangled up in the mess! But when he began to work to free the animal he got a big surprise.

As he tried to untangle the squirrel another squirrel’s head popped out of the junk giving him a shock.

The two squirrels started to attack each other so Joe knew he needed to call in reinforcements. He called his wife Lindsay for help. Lindsay noted the two squirrels were in pain but once they freed them the squirrels ran off and into the trees near their home.

They had thought their rescue work was done but the next day one of the squirrels returned seeking shelter from a storm and looking for help. Its tail didn’t look good and was dangling weirdly so they recaptured the squirrel and brought him inside and out of the cold. They knew he needed more help than they could give him so they reached out to Erica with Critter Crossing Rehab, who took him in.

Erica could see that the squirrel’s tail needed amputation – something that is necessary if a tail has been cut off from blood supply for a while like this squirrel’s had been.

Thankfully, Tangles recovered and not only that he could be reintroduced to the wild he made a friend that he brought along with him!

Tangles’ predicament reminds us of the time wildlife rehabilitators had to free 5 young squirrels whose tails were all tangled together! You can read about that here.

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