Man Transforms Old Garage Into Fantastic Small Home

Jérémie Buchholtz wanted an affordable apartment in Bordeaux, France but he wasn’t finding anything he liked, until one day he saw a listing for an abandoned garage. There was no “home” at the garage. It was just an old garage with huge metal doors that blocked out the sun.

Jérémie called his friend and architect Matthieu de Marien for help to transform the space. The architect specializes in converting stores, offices and other spaces into homes.

De Marien knew his friend had found a special space. But he had some restrictions when remodeling – the roof could not be touched, which meant sunlight would have to come in another way. De Marien carved a 129 square foot (12 square meter) patio out of the small space, leaving only 441 square feet of living space (41 square meters).


In order to make the interior space feel larger, De Marien created a “house within a house”: one large piece of furniture that includes the bathroom, bedroom, office, closet, a sofa bed and all of the home’s storage. With everything contained in this large furniture box, there’s plenty of living space left over.

Take a look at the video below to see Jérémie’s garage home now! It’s an amazing redesign of a small space!

If you thought this was a cool tiny house, wait until you see what this woman did with an 86 square foot apartment!

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