Man Ties Christmas Tree To Roof Of His Car With Hilarious Result

He didn’t really think this one through. A man visiting a Christmas tree lot attached a tree to the roof his car with hilarious results. Sitting in her car nearby, Taylor Papa filmed how the tree transport ends up going off-the-rails.

In her video Taylor narrates, “So this guy just tied his tree down through the windows of his car…it’s going to be fun to watch him get in in a minute.”

And it certainly is fun, albeit with a hilarious lesson for anyone else thinking this just might be the proper way to do it.

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Taylor can’t believe that a minute later when the man makes another decision after he is unable to open his car door. “He’s going through the trunk!?” she exclaims. And indeed, the man doubles down on his mistake. Instead of taking the time to untie the rope and redo it, he gives a quick look around hoping no one is watching and hops into the back of the trunk.

Taylor reveals another tidbit in this epic Christmas tree transport fail. Even though the man climbed into the rear trunk of the car, he didn’t actually get into his car seat. Taylor writes, “His wife hopped in the driver’s seat, and he stayed in the trunk. We waved as they drove off.”

Granted, his choice doesn’t look so bad when you observe that his vehicle doesn’t appear to have a roof rack to allow him to properly latch the tree down, but goodness me!

Viewers on reddit couldn’t help but comment on the event. One viewer enjoyed the quick pan over to Kelly. “I enjoy the woman off to the left watching as intently as the person filming, but just enjoying the moment without her phone,” the person comments. “It’s the little things in life.”

Another said it was the man’s body language. “The best part is how he’s trying to mask his body language at the end so that passers by don’t notice what has happened,” they write.

Others enjoyed “the crawl of shame through the rear hatch.” One viewer sums it up nicely, “This situation is shameful, but very funny.”

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