Kind Man Pushes An Electric Wheelchair Uphill During A Thunder Storm

Many people were scrambling to get indoors after a sudden storm hit Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. However, one man in an electric wheelchair was struggling to get uphill in the downpour.

Fortunately for him, a kind stranger noticed his predicament and rushed to his aid. He jumped out of his car and braved the heavy rains to help the man get up the hill. He didn’t care that heavy rains were pouring down and soaking him, he just wanted the man in the wheelchair to be safe. So he helped push the wheelchair up the hill several hundred feet.

The act of kindness, that occurred in 2016, was filmed by resident Penelope Derksen. She says she was about to put on her shoes to help the man in the wheelchair when she saw the stranger came to the rescue.

She recorded the short clip from her window and wrote: “During a thunder and lightning storm, a man driving by stopped and pushed the man in his electric chair over 200 feet. I cannot imagine how heavy it must have been. It took over 5 mins.”

She added, “Just want to say thanks for his quick response. He was aiding the man before I could get my shoes on. Thanks for people who renew our beliefs. It is heart warming.”

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