Bicyclist’s Boxer Dog Collapses, But This Hero Saves Dog With CPR

A Good Samaritan was in the right place at the right time to save a dog’s life after the pet collapsed while out exercising with his/her owner. In the video clip shared on social, a man can be seen leaning over the dog and performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). He is performing chest compressions and applies mouth-to-snout ventilation, attempting to revive the stricken Boxer. The man is also heard encouraging the dog, “come on boy. Come on Stone, you got it baby,” he says.

After a few seconds of administering CPR the dog revived! “That’s a serious rescue! You are in the right place at the right time, my brother,” one of the bystanders tells the Good Samaritan.

That Good Samaritan, named Jay, and who goes by @bestfetchdogdad on Twitter and is the hero who saved the dog’s life. He tweeted after the rescue that it was the first time he had performed CPR on a dog and learned it from a YouTube video 10 years earlier and had never forgotten it. The dog, Stone, lives in his neighborhood.

@bestfetchdogdad’s rescue video has recently gone viral again on reddit where some viewers were critical of the bicyclist having worked their dog too hard and speculate that a combination of heat, over-exercise and breed could be to blame.

However, @bestfetchdogdad has previously clarified that this was not the case at all. He tweeted, “Hi, i saved the dog and she [the dog’s owner] had just left the house they went about 2 blocks to head to the bike path to run a few blocks on a residential area. I’ll say she went about 2 or blocks with him but didn’t force to run. I talked to her after and saw how far she went.” He added that the dog’s owner has “had him for 8 years.”

It is reassuring to know that this was not a case of the dog’s owner being neglectful. But it does serve as a cautionary for other pet parents who might be considering bicycling with their dogs.

Redditors shared their safety tips and precautions. Sufficient_Lab_3040 wrote, “Friendly reminder, some sporting breeds can literally run to death. Know your pup and be aware of the conditions. Likely and innocent situation and luckily, a Good Samaritan!

man performs cpr on collapsed dog

@bestfetchdogdad / Twitter

“They [dogs] shouldn’t be tied to a bike,” summertime_onmyskin wrote. “They need to be able to slow down when they want and need.”

PHishfoods caution about not giving a dog too much water before and during exercises “as that might lead to gastric torsion/GDV” with BlakeCutter adding “”Especially barrel chested dogs.”

Others pointed out that Boxers have weak hearts and are prone to heart arrhythmia. “I think this is more related to a Boxer breed related disease of the heart that causes collapse/fainting. Look at Boxer Cardiomyopathy,” mountainmanstan92 recommeded. Dogs with cardiomyopathy are prone to collapse. duke5j also mentioned that Boxers don’t have good hearts and aren’t as resistant to exercise that puts extra strain on their hearts.

Whatever the circumstance around this Boxer’s fainting, it is a relief to see that he recovered and was saved thanks to Jay’s quick actions.

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