Man Makes ‘Guess Who?’ Game For His Fiancée Featuring All The Dogs They Know

When it comes to thoughtful gifts, this man came up with an amazing one for his fiancée. He decided to make her a very special ‘Guess Who?’ game featuring all the dogs they know.

Now you might think that makes for a small game board but it turns out they personally know 24 dogs! Yes 24!

Redditor Senior_Sense_8071 posted a photo of her fiancé’s unique gift and revealed that they know so many dogs because they live next to a dog park. The cards all feature dogs who are friends with their dog. Their “baby” also got her own card.

When asked if the dogs are all different breeds Senior_Sense_8071 answered that most of them are mutts. One reader imagined the questions that might be part of the game and wrote:
“Is he a good boy ?
-That doesn’t narrow it down…”

Many redditors were very impressed with her fiancé’s gesture. One person wrote, “I just… Wow! This might be my ideal gift.”

Another commented, “Marry them now!” to which Senior_Sense_8071 answered humorously, “Working on it! Looking forward to marrying him in March.”

Many people were just as envious that the engaged couple know 24 dogs. Said one person, “What do I have to do in life to know 24 dogs personally?”

Another wrote, “I wish I knew as many dogs as you and I am so envious you get to play this game.” And one dog lover is motivated to make more friends. They noted, “This is making me realize I need to get out there and meet more dogs. This is such a cute idea!”

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