Widowed Man Dedicates Life to Fostering Terminally Ill Children

A Los Angeles man makes it his life’s mission to foster terminally ill children. For the last 22 years, Mohamed Bzeek has been caring for terminally ill children in the Los Angeles County foster system. He has cared for more than 40 kids, 10 of them dying right under his roof.

Many parents who are faced with a child with terminal illness cannot afford to care for these children, or choose not to take care of them.

“They put them in a facility or they stay in the hospital,” Bzeek told ABC News. “They never have family. I will take them and they have family, and when they die they die with their family.”

Bzeek came to the U.S. from Libya in 1978. He and his late wife began fostering kids in 1989, and soon transitioned to caring for the terminally ill. Bzeek is the only person in the LA County foster system doing this, and the demand is great, with 600 such children with medical issues.

After news of what Bzeek has been doing spread on social media, a GoFundMe page raised over $160,000 for his family to help with caring for the children, KABC reports.

It’s not without an emotional toll, but Bzeek believes he is fated to do what he does and that he needs to do it as “a human being”. When Bzeek is asked why he does it he simply says, “I know those kids need people like us.”

Here is another short interview with Bzeek below.

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